In the event a class is cancelled due to severe weather please check the website schedule and Facebook page. If uncertain call or text Amy at 207-650-7708.


All Levels

The room is heated up to 80 degrees. 
During summer months,  the heat is not on.

Each class is unique and each class targets a  peak pose. The class is led with intention and intelligent sequencing to prepare the body properly for apex of the practice. The practice session allows the body to open slowly not to overload the nervous system, and in exchange tension, stress and congestion that has  been stored in the muscles and joints now has the opportunity to release.  Thus creating ease. As we create strength in the body we also begin to embrace stillness and longer holds.  In leaving a class one should have a feeling of stability, strength and a connection to the body.

This class is a dynamic practice. Please hydrate properly before the class.


In this class we slow things down. We begin each practice with slow stretching of the body and preparing the body for movement in the form of Vinyasa. We make our transition into fluid movement at a slower pace, then winding down and easing into restorative. Practicing poses from this easeful state will help develop balance, strength, and resiliency and create a nourishing and rejuvenating experience of yoga.  



Gentle Yin Yoga
with Marcia

This is a gentle and supportive practice that includes Yin Yoga.  The intention is to open and create ease in the body, while bringing about a quiet stillness in the mind.  Yin Yoga uses stillness to strengthen, re-lengthen, and hydrate our deep connective tissues in order to keep our bodies flexible and mobile.  This practice of long, passively held floor poses balances the flow of energy and improves our physical and emotional health. No need to sign up, you are welcome to drop in.  All levels welcome. 


This meeting/ class is a 45 minute 12-step based discussion and 45 minute gentle yoga practice open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All A's are welcome as well as anyone in the process of inquiry relating to their own habits, patterns, and addictions. 

Y12 Yoga
with Annie & Ryane

This class is designed to build strength and flexibility while facilitating ease in the body. We will focus on linking breath with movement as we flow mindfully with intention focusing on proper alignment. Students will leave class feeling refreshed with a sense of awareness and connection to the mind, body, and spirit. 

This class is a dynamic practice. Please hydrate properly before the class.

Vinyasa Yoga
with Annie



Drop-In   $14 (includes water & mat)
Yoga Nidra $15
5 Class Package $60
(60 days from date of purchase)
10 Class Package $110 (90 days 3 full months from date of purchase)
Unlimited Pass $108 Valid for 30 days from date of purchase


  • Exceptions: Certainly if you have an injury or a family emergency you will absolutely be offered an extension.
  • Gift certificates are only sold in the form of class packages. Once activated the same policy applies.
  • Schedule changes-  If class attendance drops below 3 students on a consistent basis the class will be dropped from the schedule.
  • No refunds. If you have purchased a pass and no longer wish to attend or have moved you are welcome to donate your remaining classes to a student, family member or friend. 
This place is the best! I come out of there with this wonderful, peaceful feeling- I feel like I have exercised & gone to church! Although it’s not necessarily a religious experience but definitely encouraging & positive. I would encourage anyone who has thought about going or wanted to to drop in to just do it; Amy is great with beginners and all levels- trust me when I say this as I suspect I am the most uncoordinated student she has!
— Cindy Grondin Deschenes
Amy is an amazing yoga instructor, intuitive, calm and helps you truly focus on connecting your mind and body during class. I have learned so much about proper technique and ways to modify poses for my individual needs. I would highly recommend both the Gentle class and the All Levels class.
— Sandra Beaulieu