Upcoming Workshops:

Community Dinner

A great way to meet people from the Sangha. We share in wonderful food, and laughter and meeting new friends. 
Beth has created a beautiful meal for us. The setting is private and open only to our Sangha. 

We begin our meal at 5:30~ please be prompt. 
Please RSVP by Wednesday, Nov 29th


 Invitation into Healing

A beautiful setting to embrace an attitude of healing. We begin the practice with SATYA.  This is a new practice to the studio and has been received beautifully.  All the movements are done on the floor in a flowing, sliding fashion, without force.  We move into somatic awareness as we open the fascia of the body.  Then we cocoon our bodies to feel weighted, settled and warm and begin to receive the attunment of Yoga Nidra. At the end of the practice we will have  a light snack to ground the body. 


Winter Solstice

This settings is always fun! Yes, it can be fun to move through 108 Salutations.
You may decide to sit upon your mat, rest upon your mat or participate  in a few of them. Absolutely up to you. 
When the prayer of the practice is complete we take a long Savasana.

 You are welcome to stay and enjoy a light snack and tea.