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New Studio- 118 Main Street

The new Studio location is nestled in between The Bridgton News and #302 Art Gallery & Beth’s Cafe. Our little Sanctuary has become the talk of the town in all the best ways. The studio is unique in its style. The decor fits in with the warmth of the small town feel that lends itself to have a fine appreciation for antiques. The studio is not shiny or new. It has been renovated and lovingly add to. I enjoyed merging the old with the new. Beautiful antiques from the local shops and a bit of clean retro pieces to blend in. My favorite item is the old apple picking ladder that is holding our Yoga mats! The colors are warm, and the studio carries an unspoken intention. As our studio is silent. I do hope you will plan a visit and embrace the beauty and warmth of our Sangha.

Thread of Teaching

Amy draws from the frame of Vinyasa, and has been blessed with the opportunity to study extensively with many of todays Master Teachers, Tias Little, Richard Freeman, Shiva Rea and Baron Baptiste. Throughout a decade of training she has also had many wonderful opportunities to take several workshops and trainings with a variety of Master teachers throughout Canada and the US. She continues to study with Tias Little founder of Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tias is her Primary teacher. Amy continues to study with Tias & Surya Little as well as attending Silent retreats for her own personal growth and her commitment to waking. Her thread of teaching has become a style that is adaptable to all, without compromising the Integrity and foundation of the roots of Yoga.  The intention that is held in each class is to work with awareness first and sequentially. We begin to warm the body slowly to include Vinyasa as we build and prepare the body through intelligent sequencing. This practice builds towards a peak pose. Experiencing each class as unique. Leading with intention and the invitation to cultivate the opportunity to work with self-
inquiry and awareness also alleviates injuries. Leaving each class feeling ease , openness and a felt sense of stability.

About Amy


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anaïs Nin


Amy’s mid-life crisis came a bit early in life, only 41, and having what appeared to be everything; however silently she was spiraling down the rabbit hole. Her growing ache of emptiness was becoming more then she could bear. A pain that was silent, and known by many. She no longer could keep the appearance of having, looking good on the outside, but emptiness inside. This became exhausting. Her descent continued and became unbearable with little opportunity to recover. So far down the rabbit hole of depression, she no longer had the energy to shift the wave that would soon swallow her whole. However, Grace had her all along. One day, she rallied and went for a walk to talk with her constant companion (goddess/god/source higher then herself) and made a declaration. I can not live the next 40 years of my life the way I have lived my first 40, please help me to find my place in service, move through my sadness and may I be reminded that I am not separate from you. Within a matter of a week, she was lead through a series of coincidences and encountered her first Yoga experience. The following day she made the hour drive to take another class. That evening, after taking her second class she wrote her own teaching schedule. Amy sold her commercial business within 4 months to pursue the Path of feeling, unraveling, laughing, crying , exploring, being and not being, doing and undoing...more crying, embracing , rejecting and shedding the old, good days and bad days, habits, ease and unease and came to know the loving path called YOGA. Today Amy offer’s The Path of Practice as a way of being. She share's her offerings from a place of experience and personal journey. As life offers "It is all the Path, and it is all a Practice". She is an avid reader of text and material to support awakening and raising her own level of consciousness to facilitate change. Amy has taken her Vows in the tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.


Wednesday, September 21st  Fall Equinox  108 Sun Salutations

We are currently doing a fundraiser for the community.  To assist those who wish to take classes but at this time they are unable to pay for classes.  For every dollar donated I will match.  If you are interested in supporting another on a journey in Healing please consider investing into the Fall Intensive program.  You are welcome to donate in any amount, partial or full. If you wish to remain a silent benefactor that would certainly be honored.

Click here for more information on the Workshops page.


Asana ( or the physical practice) is just one limb of yoga. If you feel compelled to study further and learn about the other aspects of yoga, I highly recommend Amy’s intensives. In a supportive community you will discover what it means to journey on “ the path of practice.” After a long winter, spring into action and take the leap, you won’t be disappointed!
— Annie Beckwith
Sessions with Amy have helped bring so much clarity to my life, during such crucial times. Amy has the ability to help people tap into their Truths and help uncover the root of many issues.
— K.S, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Clothing Designer
Such great classes. If I stop going again someone needs to send out a search party!
— Heather Newton Westleigh